Wednesday, April 17, 2013

At about 9:00...

At about 9:00...:

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At about 9:00 Sunday morning, a young man knocked on our door and asked to speak with my wife and I. He was looking very serious. I invited him to come in, and I led him to the living room, and I asked my wife to join us. When we were all seated, he asked our permission to propose to our daughter. I said, "absolutely." I told him to make her happy. I told him that means to spend time with her every day, even when it is difficult. Since then, I've thought of all kinds of "wise" things I might have said, but I trust I said the right things. he showed my wife and I the engagement ring he intended to give to our daughter. Early that afternoon he proposed to her, and she accepted. My daughter asked me not to tell anyone until she had a chance to talk with a few key people first. So now the cat is out of the box. (I know that's not the phrase, but all of my geek friends will understand the poetic significance of boxes, cats, and quantum states.)

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